UX Research

The need

The aim of usability research is to test a product to find problems that the user might come upon and to steer further development into a desired direction. This kind of research conducted with users produces hard quality data which provides excellent guidelines for decision making and internal discussions.


The usability research is based on quality research. Here, the statistical analysis is omitted (as statistical research is important in mass analysis) to allow a deeper analysis of the actual behavior of particular users.

The persons involved are given tasks to be done on the tested functionalities. We observe how they use the functionalities, where problems arise and whether the users are able to complete their tasks on their own. The basic difference between the usability research and focus group research (marketing) is that we don’t ask for opinions about the product but verify the actual behavior of the participants.


Conclusions without the marketing sugar-coating. As we’re experienced in both the research and project area, we know what information you need to develop your product. That is why we present the problems with suggested solutions.

We know what makes corporations tick, hence we can prepare an extended report with a video of the tested users’ screens with their comments and actions, which will nicely fit into a presentation, if you plan to give one.