Good is not enough. We have a strong focus on searching pixel perfection in nature. We are here for your business value increase by maximizing user comfort. Behind your new and light-weight application created by Brain Explosion lies hard work of our engineers.
We specialize in:

UX Research

By merging our knowledge from the field of psychology with our quality research methodologies from using the newest remote usability and eyetracking technologies, we provide our customers with hard data on user behaviour and product operation.

Mockup & Prototype

We base our projects on research that we counterpoint with ten-year-long experience. We solve pre-defined problems, but also create new functionalities. One picture is worth a thousand words, one good visualization idea is better than hours of discussion.

UI Design

Visual Design we create for the product is the icing on the cake. Typography, colour, images and use of space make the perfect look and feel for users.